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KidsTal Presents Online Aid for Parents to Discover Childs Natural Talents
KidsTal empowers parents to help children have a great start!

WINTER PARK, Fla.-- KidsTal is an online tool launched to change the way parents choose extracurricular activities for their children and allow children from an early age to grow aptitudes giving them satisfaction and fulfillment for their entire lives.

“According to official statistics and other studies, 2 million Americans quit their jobs every month, 74 percent consider finding a new job and 32 percent are actively looking for new work,” said Greg Turkanik, CEO. “Part of the problem is these workers never found a profession offering them fun, happiness and fulfillment. Collectively we can change that for our children by cultivating their talents early on in life.”

KidsTal was co-founded by Turkanik and Matt Schelinski, designed by a group of psychologists, early childhood educators and backed by research to help parents discover at an early age the natural talents of their children. The online assessment is not a categorical IQ test, but a liberating discovery process to define talents and passions to be cultivated well into adulthood.

For ages 3 through 9, the online picture based survey only takes a few minutes for the child and is fun and easy. Initial results are ready to review in about 15 minutes and can be enhanced by asking others that know the child well to take-part in the survey for an almost 360 degree assessment.

Until now parents could go for several visits to psychologists and early childhood educators to try to narrow the possibilities of natural talents in a child. Now parents can determine natural talents in a comfortable, non-threatening environment from any computer, tablet or smart phone by visiting

This breakthrough idea started when Turkanik took his daughter Maya to kindergarten and was confronted with a vast choice of extracurricular activities of which to choose. Knowing that most parents choose activities they like themselves, or try as many activities as possible with a hope that something will stick, Turkanik knew there had to be a better way. He gathered a group of psychologists and early childhood educators and developed the program based on a vast research in the field, including an algorithm which predicts the natural aptitudes of a child age 3 through 9 (soon up to age of 12). Then together with a Schelinski, KidsTal was developed.

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