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Greg Turkanik

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Turkanik is a co-founder and CEO at KidsTal. He drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it helps parents discover and develop talents of their children. As the father of two, he is dedicated to develop a solution that will help his kids grow knowing what they can be best at and most passionate about.

Greg is a co-founder and COO of Talfit, which helps to recruit people that fit company's culture. He also gained experience as CEO of Sygnity Europe, a top three IT Integrators and Software Houses in Poland and at Ernst & Young where he was responsible for leading strategic projects.

His entrepreneurial journey began quite early at 8, when he used to go from the small, communist-ruled Polish town in which he lived to a larger city in the Czech Republic for music lessons. In addition to learning violin and piano, he purchased bubble gum wrapped in cartoons in bulk and sold them for a profit to classmates at home.

He holds an MBA from Crummer Graduate School at Rollins College.


Matt Schelinski

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Schelinski is a co-founder and CTO at KidsTal. Prior to co-founding KidsTal Matt was working in sales, marketing and R&D for major worldwide corporations including France Telecom and Hewlett-Packard. His history with computers started much earlier though. In age of 13 he programmed and sucessfully published his first computer game written in machine code for 6502 processors. He managed to run several other projects including CorpNothing along with Gallery47 and info.innovation. He is passionate about computers, technology but same time keeps the large network of friends form all around the globe.

Matt is a member of Mensa high IQ society and Vice-President of Innovation Committee at Polish Regional Chamber of Commerce.

He holds Engineering Degree in Electronics, Masters Degree in Economics, Postgraduate Degree in Project Management as well as Postgraduate Degree in Psychology.


Dorothy Rakowiecka

Chief Content Developer

Dorothy is a Chief Content Development at KidsTal. Prior to joining KidsTal she was responsible for designing and deployment many IT projects in the field of security. She always cross-pollinated IT with specificity of human behaviour as her biggest passion was psychology.

She holds Masters Degree in Theoretical Mathematics as well as Masters Degree in Psychology.


Luke Stanek

Chief Design Officer

Before participating in the KidsTal project, Luke Stanek worked as Marketing Specialist and Computer Graphics for Opal Maksimum, one of the largest holders of real estate in the south of Poland. He also worked in marketing agency ReachLocal Poland where he held the positions of Marketing Coordinator. In addition he continuously working as a graphic designer. He is designing websites, mobile applications, visual identification and illustration.

His adventure with graphics began as a child when he reach for favorite Batman comics. His first works were published in the school newspaper and his first graphic tablet received from his parents introduced him to the world of digital painting which is his greatest passion.

Luke is Chief Design Officer at KidsTal and is responsible for the graphic design of the project.

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